A Cupulatta

A Cupulatta


You can discover the secret life of tortoises and turtles in a natural site covering an area of 2,5 ha. Species from the five continents are represented: from America to the Mediterranean, passing through Asia and Africa. you will become better acquainted with the life and habits of tortoises and turtles. Created by the association A Cupulatta, which means tortoise/turtle in Corsican, the purpose of our centre is to breed, study and protect tortoises and turtles from all over the world. The park is home to 170 species and more than 3000 animals. An outstanding natural setting, a very favourable climate and extremely well-adapted installations offer optimum conditions for the life and reproduction of tortoises and turtles.

Text quoted from A Cupulatta website. Image copyright A Cupulatta.This attraction is not open all year, check website for details.

Attraction Details

phone number: 04 95 52 82 34

email: secretariat@acupulatta.com

website: www.acupulatta.com

address 1: Véro

address 2: Ucciani

postcode: 20133