Albert-Kahn Musee et Jardin

Albert-Kahn Musee et Jardin


Born in March 1860, Albert Kahn, rose from a humble bank clerk to being a senior partner in one of France’s leading banks. In 1898 he opened his own bank.

In the years that followed, enabled by his wealth, he established an incredible collection of both film and still photographic records of foreign societies in his believe that understanding and knowledge of and between people brings peace between nations.

Starting in 1986, under the ownership of Conseil general des Hauts-de-Seine, the gardens were restored and a museum established to show exhibitions of some of Kahn’s collection.

In his efforts to show cultural diversity he built his gardens using horticultural models from around the world. The gardens include a Japanesse area with buildings and artwork imported from Japan. In addition to a formal French garden there is a contempory garden planted as a tribute to Albert Kahn’s life. Other areas include an English garden and a forest of Blue Atlas cedars and Colorado spruces.

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