Aquarium Marin de Tregastel


The Tregastel Marine Aquarium nests in an exceptional, unique site composed of pink granitic caves. Visitors to Tregastel will have one wonderful surprise after another as they make their way through the impressive maze of natural granite blocks to visit the chapel, the second world war arms depot, the prehistoric museum and the Marine Aquarium. At the end of the visit, if you stand at the top of the site, at the feet of the “Père Eternel”, you will have a splendid, panoramic view of the Pink Granite Coast.

The roof of the first room is made up of just one slab of granite measuring 22 metres by 15 meters. It weighs about 5,500 metric tons.

Text quoted from Aquarium Marin de Trégastel website.

Attraction Details

phone number: +33 (0)296234858


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address 1: Boulevard du Coz-Pors

address 2: Tregastel

postcode: 22730

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