The Biotropica Zoological Conservatory invites you to discover unknown treasures in the world of which we live.

Entering the indoor rainforest of over 6000m2, you will explore some of the riches the world around us has to offer. Not only a visit where you are immersed in the steamy tropical atmosphere of a rainforest but also under the watchful eye of various amazing animals, you will also discover many different thematic but complementary territories.

The tour is a unique example of regeneration and sustainable living.

During your visit harken to the cries of the marmosets, marvel at the brightly coloured amphibious dendrobates. Tip toe past the Lorikeets and Pangas Fish, who are just waiting to play with you! Bit by bit you leave behind the luxurious vegetation, only to be replaced by a mangrove swamp with otters and piranhas.

Just around the final bend, discover one of the most noble of predatory beasts, the alligator.

Text from Biotropic website. Image copyright Biotropica.

This is an ideal opportunity to get the whole family up close and personal with nature.

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Attraction Details

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address 1: Capoulade

address 2: VAL DE REUIL

postcode: 27100

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