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Chateau Val-Joanis

The Chateau is built on the site of a Roman villa. The ruined chateau was purchased in 1977 by Jean-Louis Chancel and within two years he began planting a vineyard and building a winery. By 1999 the vineyard covered an area of 186 hectares.

In 1978 Cecile Chancel, with the aid of landscape designer Tobie Loup de Vian, began a project to build a garden in the style of a 17th century kitchen garden. Planted on three terraces the garden contains fruit trees, roses, perennial plants, clipped yew, vegetables and herbs.

Visiting the garden at Le Chateau Val-Joanis can be combined with a wine tasting session.

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Attraction Details

phone number: 04 90 79 20 77



address 1: Cheteau Val-Joanis

address 2: Pertuis

postcode: 84120

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