Dino Zoo

Dino Zoo


In an exceptional natural environment, Dino Zoo traces animal evolution since the first life forms 500 million years ago to our ancestors who lived in the area more than ten thousand years ago!

Set in a  woodland park of 15 hectares are over 100 models of prehistoric life including Stegosaurus , Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. Nearer to our times are scenes of  mammoths and prehistoric man.

 Great importance is given to the landscape: clearings, glades , waterfalls, lakes, rocks , streams and forests to show the displays in authentic settings.

Priority is given to European prehistoric animals , the most representative is the Plateosaurus , the oldest known in France  whose fossil remains were found in the region.

The paths is lined with interpretive signs translated into English, German and Dutch.

Text Translated from Dino Zoo website.. Image copyright Dino Zoo.

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