Domaine de la Petite Couere

Domaine de la Petite Couere


Set in 82 hectares Domaine de la Petite Couere has museums dedicated to the car, the tractor and the bicycle as well as a 1900 village. Domaine de la Petite Couere also has a large animal park.

In the village you will discover more than 15,000 antiques, some dating back to the 17th century . You will find craft tools used by the wheelwright, blacksmith, shoemaker, Cooper, the tailor, the shepherd, the beekeeper, watchmaker and locksmith. There are also most familiar objects, many now forgotten, in various residential houses. A 1900 toy shop will amaze children.

The car museum includes 40 models, including a range of early Citroën models.The Museum collection also contains classic cars such as a unique 1902 Peugeot , a 1913 Brasier, 1915 Ford T and a 1920 De Dion Bouton taxi –  All in working condition.

The Cycle Museum houses a collection of many ancient and spectacular bicycles.

The Museum of tractors and agricultural equipment contains 80 materials in their original condition.

 The animal park claims to have 400 residents. Visitors are encouraged to get up close to many of the animals which is always the high point of the day with children. The parc has many enjoyable walks to discover the natural fauna and flora of the region.

With all this plus a “Petit Train”, what more could a family need to have a great day out.

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Attraction Details

phone number: 02 41 61 06 31


address 1: Domaine de la Petite Couere

address 2: Chatelais

postcode: 49520

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