Feeriland or the Marvellous Miniature World

Feeriland or the Marvellous Miniature World


This exhibition is the fruit of 20 years of work by a self-taught and passionate couple that will show you their know-how. Come and enjoy this magical place and its 7 worlds through history and imagination, by taking part in an interactive visit where you will set off the activities yourself.

These are thousands of kilos of materials, often natural but diverted from their first function, more than 250 motors, 30 kilometres of electric wire, 3500 figurines wearing leather and fabric that participate in a stunning show, for young and old.

From April to All Saints Day, an outdoor area is open in the aquatic garden, the exhibition of Asian Snakes and Giant Insects, the recreational area, and the giant bamboos.

Visit duration from 90 minutes to a half-day.

Text quoted from Limoges tourist office . Image copyright Feeriland.

Attraction Details

phone number: 05 55 03 16 71

email: contact@feeriland.com

website: www.feeriland.com

address 1: Ebourliat

address 2: VEYRAC

postcode: 87520

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