Forteresse du Faucon Noir

Forteresse du Faucon Noir


The building of the Fortress of the Black Falcon, Count of Anjou, Foulque III Nerra, began in 991 AD. The fortress sits on a rocky peak overlooking the river Indre.

The Count was a mixture of good and bad. He is credited with many infamous and murderous crimes against his neighbours and yet was a great builder of churches and established an educational system before his death in 1040 on his journey home from his fourth crusade.

Discover the work of the potter, candle maker, coiner and many other skilled men and women that were needed to serve the needs of the fortress. Become a soldier and test yourself with longbow or crossbow or watch demonstrations of incredable siege machines.

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phone number: 02 47 34 34 10



address 1: Rue du Chateau

address 2: Montbazon

postcode: 37250

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