Jardin Massey

Jardin Massey


Created in 1829 by Placide Massey, a director at the gardens of Versailles, these gardens were bequeathed to his beloved city of Tarbes on his death in 1853.

The Greenhouse within the garden contains a collection of cacti. The gardens are also home to the Hussars Museum, a forty metre tall tower in the Moorish style and a Cloister constructed of forty arches.

The gardens are often refered to as the jewel of Tarbes and are regarded as the lungs of the city.

A “Petit Train” – little train operates in the gardens at various times througout the year.

The gardens do not have their own website but details can be seen on the Tarbes Tourist Office website by clicking here.

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email: espaces.verts@mairie-tarbes.fr

address 1: Place Henri Bordes

address 2: Tarbes

postcode: 65000

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