Jardins du Montmarin

Jardins du Montmarin


A visit to the Jardins du Montmarin begins with the main vista of the house and a French formal-style garden which sweeps down to a Bay on the River Rance. The chateau with its park and gardens, built as the summer residence of a rich ship-owner, is a listed historic monument.

Wander the gardens at your own pace where you will discover a majestic Magnolia grandiflora and a rare stand of Ginkgo biloba. The iconic plant of Montmarin, the agapanthus, can be seen in abundance. A rockery, originally built in 1920 and restored in 2011, contains a large collection of exotic plants.

Guided tours of the gardens are also available.

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Attraction Details

phone number: 02 99 88 58 79

website: www.domaine-du-montmarin.com

address 1: Le Montmarin

address 2: Pleurtuit

postcode: 35730