La Foret des Singes

La Foret des Singes


At the ‘Forêt des Singes’ the Barbary Macaques reign supreme.

Enter the park and feel privileged to witness this fascinating animal society which evolves almost as in the wild.
No cages or barriers here but monkeys ranging freely on what has been their domain since 1974.

The site of the park is beautiful, but it is the well-being of the monkeys that strikes the visitor straight away.
How could it be any different?

Here, the animals are king. They enjoy a large area and can distance themselves from the general public if they wish; they are fed, there is no fear of predators within the confines of the park and they do develop in complete freedom.

Text quoted from La Foret des Singes website . Image copyright La Foret des Singes.

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phone number: +33 (0)565336272



address 1: L'Hospitalet

address 2: Rocamadour

postcode: 46500

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