La Volerie des Aigles

In Alsace, near the High Koenigsbourg and wine route, stands at the top of a hill of black pines, the ruins of the medieval castle of Kintzheim. Over its old mossy walls, large dark wings raptors fly, they are masters of the place.

The Eagle Park gives visitors the unique opportunity to observe and admire the most beautiful and largest raptors in the world, in an impressive show where emotions run high and thrills abound.

Touching the hearts of its visitors, the Volerie tries its best to know and understand the raptors, and awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the conservation of species on our planet.

Text quoted and translated from La Volerie des Aigles website.

Attraction Details

phone number: (+33)3 88 92 84 33

email: promo@voleriedesaigles.com

website: www.voleriedesaigles.com

address 1: Cháteau de Kintzheim

address 2: Kintzheim

postcode: 67600