Le Château de Val

Le Chateau de Val


The Chateau de VAL is one of the best conserved and one of the most remarkable castles in the “Haute-Auvergne”. This imposing fortress is flanked by six, machicolated towers with pepper-pot turrets, the different roofs of which give VAL an original combination of colours. The XV century gothic chapel (a historical monument) in the main courtyard is dedicated to Saint-Blaise. We enter the castle through an iron banded door, the spandrel of which is decorated with a bas-relief of the fleur-de-lys arms of the dâ Estaing family. The upper floors are reached by a spiral staircase from a vestibule, which was originally an open courtyard.

The first floor consists of three large halls, the decoration of which (ceilings and fireplaces) date from the middle of the 19th century.

Every year, the second floor is given over to large exhibitions of the greatest contemporary painters. On the third floor, from the rampart walk, we have a magnificent view of the lake. The turret roofs are interesting for the size and craftsmanship of their members. VAL used to be seat of the baronetey of the Thyniere family ; it was sold by Guillaume de Thynieres to Guillot dâ Estaing, who began the construction of the present castle in 1440, on the fondation of the former fortress.

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