Le Grand Bunker

Le Grand Bunker

All six floors of the Grand Bunker have been restored and recreated to look as it did on the 6th June 1944 – D-Day. The bunker was a vital part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and from its top there is a 360 degree view of Sword beach.

The bunker contains a sick bay, dormitory, armoury, generator room, ammunition store, telephone room, machine gun post and many more facilities needed by its garrison of over 50 men to defend their part of the coast from invasion.

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Attraction Details

phone number: 02 31 97 28 69

email: museegrandbunker@sfr.fr

website: www.musee-grand-bunker.com

address 1: Avenue du 6 juin

address 2: Ouistreham

postcode: 14150

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