Le Jardin botanique de l'Universite de Strasbourg

Le Jardin botanique de l’Universite de Strasbourg

Established in 1619, the Botanical Garden of the University of Strasbourg exhibits more than 6,000 species of plants. It moved to its current location, in the heart of the city, in 1884.

Set in 3.5 acres, the site is divided into an arboretum, a botanical school and a fine collection of greenhouses.

There are regular exhibitions and cultural events held throughout the year aimed at all ages.

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Attraction Details

contact: M. Fran�ois Labolle

phone number: 03 68 85 18 65

email: francois.labolle@unistra.fr

website: www.jardin-botanique.unistra.fr/

address 1: 28 rue Goethe

address 2: Strasbourg

postcode: 67000