Les Geants du Ciel

Les Geants du Ciel


“Les Geants du Ciel” – The giants of the Sky is set in the heart of the medieval town of Chauvigny, within the spectaclar ruins of the Bishops’ Chateau, an outstanding show with birds of prey will allow you to relive the ancestral sport of falconry.

The ancient ruins of the Bishops’ Chateau is home to the show. The setting, an open-air amphitheatre, offers an outstanding view of the town below and enhances the prowess of the birds in flight.

Eagles, marabous, storks, parrots, vultures and falcons will brush past you in their flight; admire these rare, wonderful birds. The ferocious beauty of the birds of prey and the exotic presence of the parrots will astound you.

Before or after the show meander through the chateau’s ruins and discover the birds in their aviaries. Each bird has an educational plaque to explain the principal characteristics of each species and the dangers they face in their natural habitat.

Text quoted from Les Geants du Ciel website. Image copyright Les Geants du Ciel.

Attraction Details

phone number: +33 (0)549464748

email: volenscene@wanadoo.fr

website: www.geantsduciel.com

address 1: 23 rue des Puys

address 2: Chauvigny

postcode: 86300

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