Musee Maurice Dufresne

Musee Maurice Dufresne


Located on a 6-hectare estate, in the “Marnay Mill”, near Azay-le-Rideau, the Maurice Dufresne museum houses an impressive collection of vehicles, machinery and antiques, which constitutes a true heritage of what was mechanics from the 1850s to the 1950s

Maurice Dufresne set up his treasures, patiently collected, preserved and restored, in the former paper mill in the site, dating from 1820. Because these items were thrown on the scrap heap, in favour of some technical progress, he considered it was necessary to save them and thus, created a kind of shelter for machines from the past, which can today be regarded as a place where our common heritage is preserved.

This brilliant tribute to the industrial era contributes to the account of our history and becomes a possible bridge between past and future generations. Everybody, both women and men, young and adults, can find, among these three thousand collector’s items, a way to satisfy their curiosity.

The museum opened on October 24, 1992. Every year, it welcomes thousands of visitors, among them people who have a keen interest in everything, or are amateurs, collectors or even those indulged in nostalgia. The museum has been rewarded several times and won the Gold Medal from “La Société d’Encouragement au Progrès” (an organization promoting initiative, responsibility and progress). But above all, the museum takes great pride in the thirty guest books showered with praise by the visitors from around the world

Maurice Dufresne died in 2008, leaving this unique museum behind him. His daughter, Monique, has decided to continue his work with the same spirit and meeting the same requirements.

Text quoted from Musee Maurice Dufresne website. Image copyright Musee Maurice Dufresne.

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phone number: +33 2 47 45 36 18



address 1: Moulin de Marnay, 17 route de Marnay

address 2: Azay-le-Rideau

postcode: 37190

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