Océanopolis, Centre for the Scientific and Technical Culture of the Sea, in Brest, shares the natural history of the oceans with the general public as seen through the eyes of scientists. Thanks to three thematic pavilions devoted to the polar, tropical and temperate marine ecosystems, visitors will discover the underwater world along with its fauna and flora.

This ocean discovery park showcases French oceanographic research. Scientific institutes as well as marine professionals contribute to the content of Océanopolis. A driving force of tourism in Brittany, Océanopolis has welcomed more than 9 million visitors since it first opened in 1990.

We strive to meet the highest qualities here at Océanopolis and this is especially the case for the reconstruction of natural underwater environments, which is both a scientific and technical achievement. Visitors are plunged into a faithful reconstruction of nature thanks to the overall atmosphere, the scale of the tanks and the beauty of the underwater settings.

Océanopolis is based on world-class presentation techniques (staging, multimedia shows and videos) but it also uses elaborate scenery in order to create an atmosphere that arouses emotion, surprise and curiosity.
The ethos that forged the reputation of Océanopolis stems from a scientific approach to information and extreme care in handling the fauna and flora. At Océanopolis, emotion, discovery and science are closely linked to help raise general awareness of sustainable ocean management.

Specific activities are organised with the help of teachers. Park visits, educational workshops, games and breaks are available to children on site, either on the tour or in specially dedicated rooms. Océanopolis is an accredited museum of the French Ministry of Education.

Text quoted from Océanopolis Press Pack 2013. Image copyright Océanopolis.

Attraction Details

phone number: +33 2 98 34 40 66

email: daniele.quemeneur@oceanopolis.com

website: www.oceanopolis.com

address 1: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc

address 2: BREST

postcode: 29210

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