Parc des Naudieres

Parc des Naudieres


Created in 1971 on the periphery of Nantes near the highway from Nantes/Vannes-St Nazaire, the Parc des Naudières is situated in the town of Sautron, 30 minutes from the centre of Nantes. The park is also served by buses from Nantes.

The park covers 6.5 hectares and attractions include funny bikes, maze, roller coaster, trampolines and many more. There are fast-food outlets, 2 vending sites selling ice creams and drinks or take your own picnic.

For the sake of the environment and visitor’s safety the use of pesticides and herbicidal products is limited. Control of weeds and pests is by biological and manual means. Because of the natural environment you may see a heron, a mallard, ducks, a couple of squirrels, a hedgehog, a green woodpecker, a jay and other species and also hear a cuckoo.

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Attraction Details

phone number: 02 40 63 21 05


address 1: Route de Vannes

address 2: Sautron

postcode: 44880

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