Parc du Reynou

Parc du Reynou


Located in Le Vigen, near Limoges, Reynou Park is a zoological park where everybody will observe, understand and appreciate the animal and plant kingdom.

Set around a 19th Century castle the park has over 600 animals representing 130 species. The zoological park, covering 45 hectares, is divided into large natural areas to allow visitors to see animals in as near to natural environment as possible. Areas include representations of the African Plains, American Plains, Asiatic Plains, Australian outback and a South-American area.

Text quoted from Parc du Reynou website. Image copyright Parc du Reynou.

Attraction Details

phone number: 05 55 00 40 00



address 1: Domaine du Reynou

address 2: Le Vigen

postcode: 87110

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