Refuge de L'Arche

Refuge de L’Arche


Rescued animals from all over the world.

Animals are respected at The Refuge de l’Arche : you will not see any shows, or circus-style animal-taming acts, but you will be able to see a wide variety of animal species living peacefully and happily at last, after a lifetime all too often disturbed by contact with people.

Well-known both in France and abroad, The Refuge de l’Arche welcomes wild animals of the region found injured or ill, which after being cared for, are released into their natural habitat. Only those animals too dependent on humans are kept.

The sanctuary also welcomes pets or exotic animals which have become impossible for their owners to keep. The animals are housed in spacious enclosures: aviaries, covered shelters, enclosures overlooked by viewing terraces where you can photograph or film such animals as lions, tigers, bears, wolves, monkeys, leopards, etc. The Refuge de l’Arche is managed by a non-profit-making association called the CEPAN (Club d’Etude et de Protection des Animaux et de la Nature).

In a 40-acre park, The Refuge de l’Arche now houses about 1.500 animals of 150 different species. With the exception of cats and dogs, The Refuge de l’Arche accepts all animal species, provided there is sufficient room available.

All animals are given to The Refuge de l’Arche for the rest of their lives.

Text quoted from Refuge de L’Arche website.  Image copyright Refuge de L’Arche.

Attraction Details

phone number: 02 43 07 24 38


address 1: Route de Ménil Saint-Fort


postcode: 53200

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