The Park of Cleres

The Park of Cleres


The Park of Clères was founded 1919 by the ornithologist Jean Delacour, on an exceptional site. This site links up an English garden (with some rare Plant species) and an architectural set (the ruin of a middle age castle, the manor from the 17th century and the Renaissance castle, reset up in the 19th century).

Henry Arvay-Tipping, an English landscaper from the “Arts and Crafts” movement, made terraces in front of the Castle at the request of Jean Delacour. These terraces have been renovated since 2012 and they show a large variety of perennial plants (peonies, geraniums).

The many animal species Jean Delacour brought back from its journeys in South-East Asia and Madagascar are also very interesting to discover: Red-necked wallabies, Maki cattas, blackbucks, red gibbons, blue cranes.

Text quoted from The Park of Clères website. Image copyright The Park of Clères.

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