Train Touristique de la Vallee du Loir

Train Touristique de la Vallee du Loir


Traveling slowly in a train dating from the 1950s, the Loir Valley opens before you, from Thoré to TrÃ’o. You  pass through Â- the village of TrÃ’o and its troglodyte dwellings, the tunnel at Saint Rimay, Montoire and its station (infamously  known due to its role in 24th October 1940 meeting between Hitler and Pétain) and the caves of Thoré la Rochette. Â-You will see the TGV track at the exact spot where the world speed record of 513.3 km/h was recorded.

The round trip, including all visits, lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes, over 36 kilometers of track.
On your return to the former station of Thoré la Rochette, now the “Maison du Vin et des Produits des Terroirs VendÃ’mois”, take the opportunity to sample the produce of the region.

The trip starts at the station of Thoré la Rochette, which also houses the Maison du Vin et des Produits des Terroirs VendÃ’mois. The first stop is Varennes, featuring reproductions of prehistoric megaliths that are found rather commonly in the region. Then on to a bridge above the TGV tracks, where you will experience a TGV passing beneath our train, at 300 km/h.

The Montoire station displays historic films, photos and texts indicating how the 24 October 1940 meeting between Pétin and Hitler occurred, in this very station. A large model of the station and the neighborhood as it was on that day brings the event to life.

A warm welcome awaits you from the volunteers who staff the TrÃ’o station. On the ground floor is an interesting display of historic photos of stations in the region, as well as an exceptional collection of prehistoric tools and fossils unearthed by a well-known regional collector. The floor above is an invitation to a poetic stroll through the Loir Valley Â- videos, projections, sound effects Â- to discover the Loir River, its chateaux, its troglodyte inhabitations, fresques, and its native poet, Ronsard.

The top floor is a real children’s paradise (from toddlers to grandads) Â- it is the domaine of model trains!

Text quoted from Train Touristique de la Vallee du Loir website. Image copyright Train Touristique de la Vallee du Loir.

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address 1: La Gare

address 2: Thore-la-Rochette

postcode: 41100