Zoo de Beauval

Zoo de Beauval


Beauval is situated in the area famed for its chateaux, between Tours and Vierzon and south of Blois, in the Loir et Cher department (41) of the Central Region of France.

Home to 4,600 animals belonging to 500 different species, Beauval houses the largest collection of animals in France.Some of these species are found nowhere else in France, such as manatees, koalas, tree-kangaroos, okapis, white tigers, whitelions, and of course the giant pandas!

In 2012 a nationally important event took place when two giant pandas arrived at Beauval! Diplomatic discussions at the highest level and the agreement of the Chinese President were required to make this project happen, which is part of a conservation and research programme, conducted in cooperation with the Chengdu panda base in China.

At Beauval, hundreds of species live within magnificent enclosures including four tropical  greenhouses, a five hectare elephant plain, an immense African savannah, monkey islands, and a penguin pool with great underwater viewing areas.

In 2013 a new part of the ZooParc dedicated to China is decorated with marble statues, huge porcelain vases, and red and gold lanterns. It is a truly unique exhibit and is home to many species that are symbolic to China including red pandas, snow leopards, muntjacs, takins, and Steller’s sea eagles.

There are many different places to eat at ZooParc de Beauval offering various different types of food from self-service restaurants to fast food stalls. Not all our stalls are open every day so remember to check at the park entrance.

We have 2 shops offering products relating to the zoo, conservation and the jardins de Beauval hotel. With toys, handicrafts, Beauval T-shirts and more, you will be able to find a great souvenir of your wonderful day at Beauval.

Baby-changing points are available at various points during your visit. Push chairs are also available and costs €2 per day (plus a form of identification as a deposit).

The vast majority of the park is accessible to people with reduced mobility, except for two paths with steep slopes that are marked on the zoo map. For the sea lion and bird of prey show, a ramp leads to a space reserved for wheelchairs.

Text quoted from Zoo de Beauval website. Images copyright Zoo de Beauval

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