Owners FAQs

Where will my property appear in the search results?

The results of a holiday makers search are based on the criteria they select on our search page. The Featured properties will be displayed at the top of the search results on a random, rotating basis followed by a random, rotating display of the basic properties that match the search criteria. This gives all owners a fair chance of their property being shown high up within their listing category.

Why can’t I add a link to my website or display my email address?

As GiteSearch is a new website we need holiday makers to contact owners via GiteSearch so that owners can easily see where enquiries are coming from. If each gite had a link to it’s own website or email address it would be harder for owners to monitor where the contact had originated. Please feel free to add a sentence somewhere on your listing along the lines of ‘Further information is available on our website, please contact us for details.’

Why do photos have to be landscape?

In order to give potential holidaymakers the best impression of your property we have designed an attractive an appealing image viewer. To allow this to display your photos properly, and not distort them, they need to be in a landscape format. When you upload your photos our image uploader will automatically adjust their size to produce a landscape format image. If you have any problems please contact your account manager.

Should I use the same descriptions that are on my own website?

There is no problem using text copied from your existing website. However, if you use slightly different text this may improve the chances of search engines listing your property again.

Why should I say my property is ‘Friendly’?

Many holidaymakers search for a property based on specific needs. By saying that your property is, for example, Child Friendly gives potential holidaymakers the confidence to know that there will be good facilities for their children therefore increasing your changes of a booking. As part of our marketing we often focus on properties that are ‘Friendly’. To help you, when listing your property, the criteria for being ‘Friendly’ is displayed above each choice and you are welcome to select as many relevant choices as you wish.

Do I have to use the availability calendar?

Some owners like to be able to display their availability and others prefer to discuss availability directly with holidaymakers. The use of the availability calendar is optional, with a Featured listing, and entirely controlled by the property owner.

How do I communicate with holidaymakers?

Your first contact will be from GiteSearch when a holidaymaker has completed an enquiry form. This form is emailed directly to your registered email address. From that point onwards we believe that direct communication between the property owner and the holiday maker is preferable and at this point our involvement in the booking process ends.

Do I have to pay for my listing once the free period ends?

Owners who do not opt to pay for a Featured listing will automatically have their listing reduced to a Basic free listing in February. No payment will ever be taken from you without prompting from yourself. It will always be possible to upgrade to a Featured listing from a Basic listing at any time.

Do you automatically renew my Featured Listing?

At GiteSearch we believe owners should be in complete control of their spending. We do not automatically renew Featured listings but instead contact the owner and invite them to renew. Owners that do not wish to renew or do not reply to our invitation will remain on our site with a free Basic listing unless they request to be removed.

How much commission do you charge?

We never charge any commission! We will never take any percentage of any bookings that are made as a result of contact via GiteSearch.

How do I report a problem with the website?

If you notice something wrong with the GiteSearch website please use the contact form to let us know.

Can I make suggestions of things I think would improve GiteSearch?

We welcome suggestions and feedback from all users of GiteSearch. Please use our contact form to pass on your comments.

What do you do with my information?

We hold your details in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act. We will never pass your details to any third party outside our company.

Where can I find more information?

If you question has not been answered above please visit our Owner’s Terms and Conditions or alternatively contact us.


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