Useful Links For Travellers

Traveling abroad can sometimes seems a bit daunting but with the right information and a little knowledge it shouldn’t be a worry. We’ve put together a list of useful links that may help you prepare for your holiday or help you out whilst you’re on holiday.

Health Advice

The Department of Health website gives practical information and advice regarding all areas of health care when traveling abroad. They can advise on what inoculations are needed when traveling to certain parts of the World and what to do in the case of a medical emergency. If you’re holidaying in the EU they can give you advice on obtaining a Form E111 that gives you free or reduced cost medical treatment.


Before you can travel abroad you’ll need a valid passport and the UK Passport Service website gives you all the information regarding applying for your first passport or renewing your old one. Your local post office may also offer a “Check and Send” service which removes to problem of incomplete applications being returned and the delays that this can cause.

Travel Advice

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice website gives a wealth of information for travelers to just about every country in the World. It has up-to-date warnings about areas that may present dangers to holiday makers to local laws and customs. There are contact details of local offices that can provide assistance in case of difficulty.

Taking Pets Abroad

Many people, particularly if driving to a European destination, like to take their pets with them on holiday. For up-to-date advice on pet travel documents, veterinary requirements and other issues a visit to the UK Government website section on “Taking your pet abroad” will answer all your questions

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