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New Speed Limits

The speed limits on many French roads have been changed with the hope of saving hundreds of lives a year. Slower driving means less accidents and if an accident occurs, it means less chance of a fatality.

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The main change has been to reduce the maximum speed limit on many A and B roads from 90kph to 80km/hr. Where 90 km/hr is permitted there will be signs.

Other things to remember are that on the motorway, the speed limit depends on the weather conditions. On many motorways, the limit is 130km/hr in dry conditions and 110km/hr in wet conditions. These limits are very well publised on the motorway.

Don’t forget, when you pass the namesign for a town or village you must not exceed 50km/hr unless aditional signs are present showing a different maximum speed – this could be higher or lower than 50km/hr. It is becoming very common to find 30km/hr restrictions in the centre of towns and villages where high volumes of pedestrians ca be found.

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